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Wilhaven Shiba Inu & Lagotto Romagnolo

Wilhaven - Quality without Compromise!


Orli’s Pedigree

About the Lagotto Romagnolo

Breed Standard

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UKC Ch. Leora Typhia of Golden Comfort, RN, NW2, ITD
(Swiss Import)

Orli is such a joy to live with. She embodies all of the characteristics that make the Lagotto such a lovely breed.

After years of research on the breed and searching for a breeder who held the same standards for breeding/ethics that I believe in “Orli” was added to the family.

A whirlwind trip to meet her breeder and extended family in Switzerland was just the beginning of our journey.

She makes us smile every day.

Along with being a loved family member Orli has been participating in different conformation and performance events.

She is really fun to work with - loves to be engaged in activities.  

The Lagotto is truly an all around fun breed.

Thank you to Suzanne Tlach of Golden Comfort Lagotto for Orli!


* Truffle Hunting! Our new activity!

Health Clearances

OFA Web Results - CHIC

Hips - Good

Elbows - Normal

Patella - Normal

Eyes- Clear

DNA Profile # V671117

BFJE -  Negative (parentage & testing)

Lysomal Storage Disease: Negative
                                 (parentage & testing)

Incorrect Coat: Negative


16 1/4” tall    25lbs

MyDog DNA Health Profile

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