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Wilhaven Shiba Inu


Ch. GW's Practical Magic

What can be said about Jillie?  Everybody loves her! She enjoys life and is one of the happiest dogs I've ever met.
She came to me from Cathe Harvey at Gulf Wind Shibas and I have enjoyed every day with her. She has proven herself in the show ring, finishing quickly by winning over the Specials and taking multiple group placements. 
Jillie has also already proven herself as a producer. Her first litter with Vander produced four beautiful puppies. Three of which finished in limited showing before 18 months of age by beating the specials in the ring.
Jillie and Vander were listed in the Pedigree Top 10 Producers for 2003 due to the success of this litter in the show ring.
She took 2004 off to repeat the breeding with Vander. It produced one beautiful male puppy and we look forward to him following in his families pawprints.



Jillie's spring project was raising her baby "Pete" in Fairbanks at Torii Shibas. We were wishing for more than one puppy in this repeat breeding but this one puppy has turned out to be just right. He seems to posess all of the qualities we loved about the first litter rolled up into one puppy.
Thanks to Ron and Janeen Macom at Torii Shibas for taking such good care of Jillie. I think she really enjoyed her vacation up north!