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Wilhaven Shiba Inu

Taz & Shooter

Here are some pictures of Kira & Kai's littermates.
 They both share the same wonderful temperament and personality as the rest of the family.

Tazlina on Patrol

Tazlina lives with Cathey and Stewart. She leads an exciting life, sharing many experiences both on the water and in the snow with her family. Tazlina hasn't met a stranger and lives for playing and socializing.

Tazlina & Walter on the boat.

We had a birthday party for the kids when they turned one. Shooter was in Florida so isn't pictured. It is great to get all of them together and watch them romp.

Kai, Kira, Tazlina and Uncle Nike at first birthday party!

Shooter ready to play!

Through the Tunnel

Tazlina at home on the snowmachine!

Shooter & Becky at the shows.

CH. GW's Freeze Frame, "Shooter", lives with his mom Becky. He is a fun boy and has been working on agility training. His favorite obstacles are the contact obstacles that give him a good view of the rest of the world.

I am very happy to have found these wonderful companion homes for the kids. The show ring is great but being part of a secure, loving family is the first priority for my puppies.