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Wilhaven Shiba Inu

Wilhavens Mr Right
(Shibas Nest Just Do It x Ch. Wilhavens Change of Habit)

OFA Excellent -- Patellas Normal

Guy is very special to me. He is my first real working Shiba and has taught me a to be a more patient and motivating trainer. Shibas don't work for us just because we ask, they usually ask "why should I?" and that can be a challenge.
Guy is a beautiful, deep red. He has a lovely correct coat and his face displays the beautiful urajiro that the Shiba is known for.
He is my first agility dog and has achieved 2 legs toward his agility title. His conformation career was short simply because I chose not to campaign him and instead was sidetracked by performance event training.  
Guy is the last of my original lines and has the characteristics that made me fall in love with the breed. I look forward to a planned litter this fall with him and Kira.

Guy clearing the jump in agility!